Aon Association Services has always been committed to providing aging services organizations with risk education. Aon Quality Institute, Aon’s web-based risk management tool, offers continuing education modules on risk management that provide your facility with access to a wealth of information that can help you manage your risks and lessen your exposure to a general liability or professional liability claim.

PLEASE READ − You must login to the professional category and level that is equivalent to your position within your organization. If you log in to the incorrect profession or take the incorrect course, you may not receive the appropriate continuing education credit, if applicable. Please check with your facility’s site coordinator for this information.

Allied Health: Please login using the Allied Health button if your role or professional licensure is associated with a health profession. These roles include: dietician, physician assistant, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech pathology specialist, or all other non-nursing health professions and their related assistants.

Nursing: Please login using the Nursing button if your role or professional licensure is associated with the nursing profession. These roles include: nursing assistant, licensed practical or vocational nurse, registered nurse, and any category of advanced practice nurse.

Other: Please login using the Allied Health button if your role supports the operation of a health care or senior living facility. These roles include, but are not limited to: any unlicensed health care occupations, activity coordinators, beauticians and barbers, drivers, security guards, maintenance, housekeeping, dietary/kitchen support, and reception/administrative roles.

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In order to participate in the Aon Quality Institute educational program, each facility must enroll in advance. To enroll, please download the Excel worksheet, read the instructions, and complete the required information. Return all enrollment forms by e-mail to Georgia Reiner at the Aon Quality Institute ([email protected]).

Download the Aon Quality Institute Employee Enrollment Form

User Management

After your facility has enrolled: Click here to access User Management to update enrollment or to modify login information.

As the site coordinator for the Aon Quality Institute educational program, your username and password will give you access to CEConnection for both Allied Health and Nursing to fulfill administrative functions and reporting for all levels and professional categories of employees.

For completion of learning modules for your own educational record, please login to the most appropriate link to access the courses related to your primary role or professional license.

Thank you.

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